Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back pain..

Set your appointment now.. :))


Today i want to share with you something on health.. :))

Currently i am having this bad back pain.. It is so hard for me to go through my daily routine, without whining about it.. :P Yes, duduk lama2 depan pc kat office pun contribute to this so called back pain..
So one day, i got this msg from Mr Hubby saying that while he googled on this matter, he came across this promotion from a nearby Chiropractic in SACC Shah Alam.. So we decided to meet the doctor for a consultation.. :) Off we went to see her today..
The doctor is a female doctor, Dr. Saher Shahzada.. :) A nice, confident young lady who helped me to determine the cause for this bad back pain.. The overall meet up took about 30-45 minutes, and yes, by appointment ofcoz! :) First i was asked to register, and fill up forms and a set of questionnaires.. Later, i was brought into a room whereby i was greeted by their CEO, and few testimonials from their previous patients.. I got to learn few important knowledge about this.. So, great!
Then, i was brought to see her.. She went through 1 by 1 on this, and asked me to lie down and started pressing my shoulder blades, lower back and all.. Aaaaahhh, so good that i could sleep for sure.. Hahaha.. But this is only the consultation part, and i still need to x-ray, and the next meet up would be for treatment..

So yes, the consultation, 2nd and 3rd meet up are FREE.. :) So, when you feel that it is necessary for you to proceed with another treatment, then only they will bill you.. This is for Family and Friends Appreciation Weeks, and i guess it's good for us, especially those with back pain, to go and have a checkup..
This is why i choose to share it here.. :) Glad that i could make it back to the office on time.. Hahaha.. Yes, i went there during my lunch hour, so those who are working (nearby) may want to set appointment during your lunch break too, as it will not take more than 1 hour to complete this consultation and brief checkup.. :))
Okie dokie.. stay healthy!! *clap and jump!! (okay, i shall clap and jump later *back pain!) :P


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