Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Promoting Kap. Media

You can see there, P/S: I love my brother, as per requested by Aidan.. Hahahaha.. :P I asked what to put on the banner? I said, "We love adik??", he went "Adik love Aidan!". :P Hehehe..

Yes, this is a promotion for Kap. Media..

For those who wants to order any printable materials, name it banners, posters, cards and all, you may do so at Kap. Media.. Belongs to a friend of a dear friend, hehehe, Norisma, my colleague at KMT.. :)

So Kap. Media has been around for 1 year now, and as a promotion, i dedicate this entry for them.. :P Yes, i have few friends that are into events, Evie, Amie, Kak Ida Yati, and my wedding planner herself, Kak Mawar.. :) I have been introducing customers to some of them, and it is a way for me to support them, indirectly.. :)

And by doing this, sometimes u get free stuff as a token of appreciation.. Hehehe.. Thanks guys! :P So, this is for adik!!!

Happy Birthday Hessa!! :D

Thank you Kap. Media for this lovely banner of Doc McStuffins!! :))))


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