Friday, March 8, 2013

Pizza Ria at home! Home made with LOVE!

"Tes-Dan" Cooking Show!!

Good morning all,

As promised, here is our short cooking show, our version/ style, okay?? Hahaha..

Yes, we made our own pizza for breakfast this morning! What a great way to start our day! :)) We have 2 events to attend today, a wedding and a birthday party.. :)) We shall spend our day, celebrating others, and isn't that great??!! :)) Alhamdulillah, for everything..

So yes, burrrrppp!! We are lazying around now, after few slices of pizza!!! Pizza Ria it is!!

Happy Saturday guys!! :P

Hello Tuan2 dan Puan2, hari ni kita nak buat pizza! Yeahh!

My junior masterchefs still in their pajamas.. :P

Done.. Aidan suggested masukkan dalam 'peti ais'.. Hehehe.. Oven la, darling! :)

Left pic- can u spot my son, dah tak sabar dah nak tunggu pizza siap.. hehehe.. and on the right, you can see him enjoying a slice of his own made pizza..! Yums!!

Tadddaaaa!! Done!! Very nice, daddy complimented and suggested for another round nanti.. Good job darl!

Where's Hessa??? My girl dah sibuk with her coloring activity.. Yes, art lovey dovey she is! Just like mummy! :P As for Aidan, still enjoying his pizza! :P

 Daddy and his own version of Deli- Pizza!! Wahhhhh! :)

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  1. We will eat pizza made by Aidan.. not Hessa... we don't want the extra flavor...hahaha