Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pandai! Give me 5!

Playing a 'Teacher'.. Garang one!

My Aidan.. With him, memang tak pernah kering gusi.. He is so 'macam2'! From his sudden reactions on something, to his faces, the words he would use to describe things! Hehehe..

So, as usual, on the way back from Opah's, we would sometime go through our ABCs, sing along to the radio, bercerita on how our days at the office or at Opah's (in their case :P), and sometimes, just pure silent from mummy, ehhh, dah doze off sebab penat seharian.. Hehehe..

Yesterday, we went through pictures from our Tracing Dots ABC chart, yes, still buat tracing dots, and later i showed adik the pictures one by one.. And then this fella, Aidan took over, asking me back instead! He went "What's this? What's this? What's this??" and i answered all correct.. he quickly went "Hmmm, pandai! Give me 5!" and a slow pat on my head, as a sign of compliment! :) See, so funny la this guy!

Then at night, as usual, adik with her coloring activities, and Aidan joined too.. But he is not really into coloring! So, tak nak habiskan keje.. But kalau bagi art work on cutting, folding thingy, nak buat puppet, car, bla2, memang he is up for it.. I was downstairs doing my laundry, when he decided to bring up the tracing charts (again) and now, he wanted to ask adik plak.. I heard he said "Okay adik, come la.. Jangan la color dulu.." and my little girl went "Yer.." :P Alololo.. Comel!

He added "Dengar Aidan cakap.. Elicopter!" and Hessa went "Yer.." I was smiling alone, and then i heard this.. " Laaaaa, adik, kata Elicopter, bukan Yerrrr.." and Hessa went "Yer.. (like she understood what to say the next round)!" but Aidan took it wrongly, saying "Laaaa, kan abang kata, no yerrrrr.. Cakap Elicopter!".. Okay, at this point i was laughing like mad.. And ofcoz i went "Heyyy, main sama2.. Jangan gaduh2 yer..." :P

After few rounds of "What's this??", i heard this, "Flowers!" followed by Hessa's voice "Fawers!".. He added "Haaaa, macam tu la.. Pandai!" Hahahaha..!!!

Good job anak mummy.. Just 1 q's!!

At the end of the "class", mummy heard you said this.. "Adik, what's this?? Cakap Airrrr!" Well, i went through the charts myself, mana datang air, abang yer?? :P Hehehe.. I guess he was reffering to the mug! Kekeke.. >..<

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