Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How i celebrate my birthday this year..

With them!! :))

Thank you all for the great birthday dinner, and thank you daddy for organizing it.. :))
Alhamdulillah, i am blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, and i shall treasure these memories forever.. :))
Yes, you guys got me a Bubba Ice Cream- Cake, and thank God that i didn't have to perform any sorts of weird movements, sing my lungs out or even did the Gangnam Style like Mian.. Hehehe..
Thank you, thank you, thank you again.. :))
And to all my friends (school friends, U friends, and many others), thank you for the great wishes via FB, and PM.. I am so happy today.. So much love, and so much joy to know and have you in my life.. :)) With this, Alhamdulillah..
Praise to you Ya Allah, for giving me the chance and opportunity to still be here, regardless of the ups and downs that life has got to offer me, and i cherish each moment, thinking about nothing but your unconditional love for me.. I am forever thankful for that..
p/s: Thank you again daddy, my babies, Aidan and Hessa for being nothing but pure joy!! I love you guys a lot!! :) Thank you!!

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