Sunday, March 3, 2013

.. and she turned it into her bottle bag.. :P


We worked together and made her a bag!

Thanks to our cheap DIY supplies that we came across last week! This one is only at RM 2.50.. Suitable for party favors.. :)) We have a lot more.. Yeahhh!!

Shhhh.. Aidan is sleeping.. :P

I asked her to stick the stickers accordingly, gave her instructions and asked her where she think she should put the eyes, ears and all.. She did great! Just sometimes kena tolong betulkan stickers, sebab stickers asyik nak melekat kat tangan.. Good activity on Face Parts.. :))

Helping out with the sewing part.. :P

Done!! Cantik sangat, sayang!!

First pic : Got to realize it was actually a real bag! :P
Second pic : Smiling, and surely happy!
Third pic : Figuring out what to keep inside.. Her eyes were everywhere.. :P
Fourth pic : Got her bottle, put it inside, and walla!!! :P
A bottle bag, people!! :P
Adik punyerrr.. :P hahaha..

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