Friday, March 29, 2013

Musyrif! :))

Musyrif and Aidan during Aidan's Splish Splash Birthday Party.. :)


Musyrif is my neighbour's son.. Not that Aidan always play with him, but when they see each other, they just have something to say.. :) So, yesterday when we were about to leave for Opah's, Musyrif came out with his new toy, and show it off to Aidan.. :) I heard the conversation they had.. Simply cute!
Musyrif : Aidan, tengok ni..
Aidan : Apa??
Musyrif : Ni.. (sambil tunjuk new toy kat Aidan)
Aidan : Aper tuh? Menan??
Musyrif : Ha ah..
Aidan : Sapa beli??
Musyrif : Mama..
Aidan : Ohhh, beli kat kedai???
Mummy : Hahahaha.. I called out for him.. Too cute!
And he came to me and asked :
Mummy : Sapa tuh?
Actually, this is the way of him asking "What's that kid's name??" Sebab nama Musyrif macam susah plak nak ingat.. So i told him "Musyrif" and he went "Ohhh"..
So he ran out again, and wanted to call out for Musyrif.. But tiba2 terlupa balik.. And he looked at me, smiling.. Then i heard he called out for Musyrif, he went..
Hahahaha!!! :P

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