Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally, she is 16!! :P


Dad : Happy Birthday!

Mummy : Thank you.. *blushing

Dad : Malam ni kita pegi dinner kay?

Mummy : Alaaaa, takper.. Smalam kan dah dinner luar..

Dad : Takper la..

Mummy : Where to?? :P

Dad : Bubba Gump ker..

Mummy : Hmmm *smile and after some time.. "OH NOOOOOO!!" Hehehehe..

Somebody is planning for me to stand on a chair, being tortured by the Bubba's team just to get that NOT SO SMALL, ONE WHOLE, DELICIOUS, YUMMY, ... birthday CAKE!!

Hmmmm, *scratch2.. maybe it's not gonna be that bad after all!! Hahahaha..

NO, KIDDING!! Dad, I'm just kidding.. NO way!!!. :P

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