Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Adam!!

Batman Returns!!! :P

Adam is 6!!

Such a handsome boy!! MasyaAllah, anak2 my dear friend Ira, handsome2 belaka.. :) Yes, mak ada darah Arab, ayah takder darah Arab, tapi muka pun macam Arab.. Hehehe.. So anak2 sejibik Arab boys! :))
Adam chose Batman as his birthday theme.. So, we went there with my 2 little Batman.. :p And they got to meet with other Batman there.. Wait, Batmen! :P Such a sweet birthday party, with only closed fiends and family.. Good job Ira.. The party was great!! :))
Thank you for having us.. :))

Jom pergi birthday Adam, jom!

 Nice setting made by their Birthday Party Planner.. :)

 Kids had fun for sure! :)

 Cute cake! Liz, hebat seiiii! :))

 My kids!! Happy Birthday again, Adam!

With Ayu, yes, next week In Syaa Allah dapat pergi melawat baby baru.. Good luck dear!! :) and the one on the right is Ira.. Thank you beb for having us! :))

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