Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teaser.. :)

Hessa's Doc McStuffins 2nd Birthday Party! :))

Teasers!! :))

Alhamdulillah, yesterday we got to celebrate Hessa's birthday party, and it was a beautiful family get together for sure.. :)) Held at Opah's as she requested to host for this year's birthday party, and off we went about, planning for the perfect, simple party for little Tess.. :))
The theme for this year is Doc McStuffins!! :)) We loved it!
Thank you to all my family members for coming over and celebrate the party with us.. :)) Nothing much, just a simple makan2 and cake cutting.. :)) Thank you, thank you, thank you.. :))
To Opah, Makngah, Kak Farah, Atyn, Sha2, Mian, Alang, Abang Ibrahim, Kak Aja, Anjang Che Mah, Uncle Asmal, Iman, Aunty Ummi, Omar, Anjang Zahrah, Amjad, Farhati, Pia, Uncle Hadi, Bella, Wawa, Achik Zaliha, Uncle Jo, Haikal and Nurin, thank you so much for the gifts!!! :)) Hessa loves them all!
To Jee, thank you so much for preparing the food aka bihun goreng, Opah for the delicious fruit pudding, Kak Aja for the apple pudding, and yes, Aunty Wirda for Doc McStuffins cake! :)) We had sate too!! Aaaaah, heaven! :))
Wait for Hessa's birthday pics, courtesy of Banawi Studio.. :) Thanks Abang Ibrahim, memang mummy tak pegang camera langsung the other day.. tihihi.. :P
Alhamdulillah.. :))
Happy Birthday again, little Tess! :))
We love you!!

Photos by Ara Jules Jelena Api.. :))
Simple decor by mummy.. Made with love.. Just use what we already have + banner by KAP Media.. :)) Jimat.. :)

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